March Product Updates

I attended the QuickBooks Online Product Update Webinar on March 25, 2022, and geeked out on the latest additions scheduled to roll out during 2022. Without further delay, here’s the two take aways that will affect QBO for business owners and their bookkeepers.

Turbo charge your reports with Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are a new inside QuickBooks Online Advance. The tech guys added the feature inside Custom Reports. Users can now create a pivot table from a detailed report then pick and choose what he or she wants to add in a new report.

 If you’ve ever had the task of creating custom reports for your company, you will appreciate this functionality.

The products webinar I attended made this very cool and much needed added function look as if it works seamlessly. Business owners and bookkeepers may have the tool they need to create the reports they need – and that’s Grand Slam. Good job QBO team. I can’t wait to learn how to create meaningful reports so I may teach my clients how to create reports for their businesses.

There’s something amazing coming in the Summer of 2022 and it’s called the QuickBooks Business Network

QuickBooks Business Network

QBO users will soon be able to use the QuickBooks Business Network to quickly add customer and vendor information. QBO users will be able to send invoices and get paid faster using Bill Pay and Melio. That means that a business will no longer need print QBO invoices then add them back into QBO as a payable. It’s not available for Simple Start users, and it is planned to be available Summer 2022 in the US and Canada.

The way it works the invoice will be accessed via the Directory with the add customer, and AP Automation & Bill Pay – expense Tab. You will be able to find your customers and vendors by searching a directory.

We will finally have access to up-to-date contact information for the companies you do business with. Automatically import invoices that are converted into bills you can add directly into your books – that’s huge!

Bills will not need to be added by the bookkeeper. They will be added the same way receipts are added now. An image of the invoice that was emailed will show up in the viewer just like the receipts are showing up now. See it in the Bill pay tab.

As a bookkeeper, I am very excited about the new time savers coming to QBO soon, and I cannot wait to play with them so I may teach it to you. I’ll keep you informed and up to date as I receive news on new tech, discoveries, and changes to the ever-improving environment called QuickBooks Online.