Black Friday Sale

My First Black Friday Sale EVER

I am hosting my FIRST Black Friday Sale and am super excited. It’s all about my Comprehensive QuickBooks Online Diagnostic Service for Small to mid-sized businesses. The sale runs from today – Wednesday 11/30. 

I will be Diagnosing QuickBooks Online accounts to let business owners know what issues I find in their books on an account level. At the end of each Diagnostic they will know which accounts have issues, what caused the issues, and what they need to do to fix the issues. 

What made me decide to have this sale was the things I’ve heard from business owners while reviewing their books of over the past 12 months. I sometimes cannot believe that I have diagnosed over 900+ sets of books in such a short amount of time – but I did.

Actually over the past year and a half I have been performing Comprehensive Diagnostics Services and writing notes for numerous bookkeepers and accountants to clean them up. I have been “tagged” into other cleanups and have completed many myself. Even though this is my first BF sale, I expect to have others.

If you are interested in learning more about how I help businesses owners know the health of their business let me know by completing this form and I contact you right away.