Why don’t you provide daily bookkeeping services?

Why don’t you provide daily bookkeeping services? Good question! I love projects. I get excited when I complete things.

The accounting cycle is circular which means that bookkeepers and accountants are always working in two months at the same time while working in a client’s books. Those two months are last month and the current month. Because I was working in two months EVERY month, it never felt like I completed anything. I always felt as if I was completing the same tasks over and over again which is still true but also different. Because I was working in the same company or companies performing the same tasks each month, my work never felt completed to me. It didn’t matter that I CLOSED the prior month’s books. Closing the books does not mean I finished the month. I was still working with management reports and data analysis. Working in two months, both past and current, became my unhappy place.

The Accounting Cycle – that circular thing I mentioned – which I loved and learned to follow had eventually became my daily dread.

I love everything about bookkeeping but at the end of the day I never felt a feeling of accomplishment. Then I started doing catch-ups and cleanups and found my happy place. There’s no greater feeling than being happy to get up in the morning to go to work – something we have to do most of our adult lives. Why not be happy?

I’ve found my happy place in cleanups and catch-ups – even when I provide my services one, two, or three times a year for the same business.

I prepare a company’s books to be used by business owners and their accountants. My clients prepare reports for their stakeholders which may include banks, finance companies, accountants for tax season, partners, investors, and many others.

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