Your employees are key to your business success

Your employees are key to your business success. With a growing business, you may need support beyond traditional financial operations: like workforce—or human capital—management. The human capital in a growing business can be both more important—and more complicated—to manage than financial operations. It’s an area of the business where advisory support can be invaluable. From …

Corporation Meeting Requirements

Corporations are often formed for purposes of protecting shareholders from liability. If formalities are not followed, the corporate veil can be easily “pierced” by a court, resulting in personal liability for the shareholders. Lack of adherence to corporate formalities (including holding an annual meeting evidenced by annual minutes) is a primary reason why courts may …

Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-sell agreements are usually part of a succession plan put in place to protect the financial interests of the owners of closely held companies and their heirs and to protect the company’s stability in case of a major event.

Business Use of Home

To take a business deduction for home office expenses, you must use your home under one of the following scenarios. Download the full, no strings attached, newsletter to learn more.  Join our email list to have weekly QuickBooks Online tips and tricks delivered to your inbox beginning January 2024. Simply sign-up at the bottom of …

Business Owners Taking Money Out of a Business

When taking money out of a business, transactions must be carefully structured to avoid unwanted tax consequences or damage to the business entity. Business owners should follow the advice of a tax professional to make sure financial transactions are controlled and do not cause unanticipated taxation or other negative effects.